China Affairs

The China Affairs Department is an executive workforce designated to formulate and implement AmCham’s overall China agenda. Led by the Board & the China Affairs Group and coordinated with the Chamber’s Membership Department, Government Relations/Public Affairs Department, Publication Department, and all Chamber Committees, the China Affairs Department is dedicated to reinforcing Hong Kong as a "gateway into China" and also as a "gateway out of China." The major goals of China Affairs Department are 1) to inform AmCham members broadly about business developments and opportunities in Mainland China; 2) to assist member companies to succeed in China’s market; and 3) to interface effectively with Chinese companies that are going international. 香港美國商會中國事務部主要負責計劃及執行美商會的中國議程。在董事會及中國事務核心小組領導下,中國事務部與商會內部的會員部、政府/公共關係部、出版部以及各個商務委員會協力合作,致力於加強香港不僅作為「外資進入中國的大門」而且也是「中資走向外國的大門」的雙向門戶作用。中國事務部的兩大主要目標為1)為會員及時通報中國大陸的發展動向與商業機會及2) 有效地協助會員公司繼續在中國市場拓展業務或與有意走出去的中國企業互動,建立商務關係。為實現該目標,中國事務部致力於了一系列的項目與活動。
Updating AmCham members with latest policies and business opportunities in China and providing an annual platform for corporate executives, experts, and scholars to share insights and experience on doing business in China.
Participating in conferences and events in various provinces and cities with up-to-date Chinese development themes; Arranging meetings with Chinese government leadership at different levels and organizing site visits to difference projects or companies to deepen member knowledge on China’s investment policies and the environment in different parts of China.
Based in Hong Kong, AmCham is the ideal platform to connect mainland companies with international best practices and to connect regional and international businesses with mainland government authorities and businesses counterparts.
A collection of useful links and contacts to guide you through AmCham's work in China Affairs.