Transportation & Logistics

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Committee Chair
Gavin Dow

Breakthrough Group

Committee Vice-Chair

Equity Research Analyst -
Asia Transportation, Logistics

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Committee Vice-Chair
Thomas Scruby

Commercial Director, Hong Kong,
Southern China & South East Asia
American Airlines Inc

The Transportation & Logistics Committee (TLC) provides relevant information and networking opportunities which allows members to be better engaged with the industry, its current issues and market developments. The TLC also supports the wider Chamber’s advocacy role on issues that are important to the membership and their businesses.

In 2016 the TLC is focusing on 4 key themes, namely:

  1. Manufacturing growth and regional trends
  2. Transport and logistics infrastructure
  3. Logistics facilitation, FTAs, FTZs etc.
  4. Transport emissions

Working with other Committees the TLC aims to arrange at least one event per month, subject to speaker diaries, that progress members understanding of priority issues and supports the policy agenda.

Watch the latest events video archive here (Members Only)

Public archives also available on AmCham's YouTube Channel

2017 Events
Event Name
JUN 22 2017
Steve Saxon
Partner, Shanghai office, McKinsey & Company
JAN 20 2017
Michael Beer
Equity Research Analyst - Asia Transportation, Logistics, Citi
Michael Burke
Assistant Director, Hong Kong Airlines Ltd.
JAN 11 2017
Michael Beer
Equity Research Analyst - Asia Transportation, Logistics, Citi
Anthony Chen
Director of Special Projects, Flexport
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