CMMB Vision Holdings Ltd

701, Tower 2, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui , Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2159 3300
Fax: +852 2159 3399

Nature of business



CMMB Vision Holdings Limited (“CMMB Vision” or the “Company”) is a Hong Kong-based nextgeneration satellite-to-mobile broadcasting company. The company is in the process of building the infrastructure and ecosystem solutions for future satellite services. It starts with China, where it has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Chinese government, and will then expand services to other regions. CMMB Vision’s patented technology utilizes one-to-many mobile broadcasting methods to deliver Audio & Video to vehicles and mobile users just like free-to-air TV – delivering programming to mass-market viewers, without the data and streaming costs. The Company is developing a total solution to support these services. CMMB Vision owns the AsiaStar mobile broadcasting geostationary satellite covering China, Asia, and India, reaching 4.4 billion population and operates with 40 MHz of L-band spectrum. Our Vision is to be the next-generation convergent mobile satellite service provider in order to deliver high quality customer service.

Member Since

December 2016