AmCham Calls for Collaborative and Goal Driven Plan for Hong Kong Smart City

Hong Kong – February 17, 2017 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (“AmCham”) calls on the HKSAR Government to take a bottom-up, collaborative approach in devising a Smart City strategy for Hong Kong.

“The private sector in Hong Kong is extremely excited about the huge potential benefits of a Smart City strategy. While the eco-system is gradually building, we hope the government will closely engage leading businesses, SMEs and other public stakeholders here and across the border in Shenzhen to drive innovation along what is already happening,” said Chairman Walter Dias.

“These sectors should be a valuable partner in devising a ‘smart’ blueprint for the city and providing inputs to the government on potential areas of growth, as well as solutions for challenges – as in areas of regulation and data security,” Dias added.

The Chamber submitted its views to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) on Smart City Blueprint on February 15 with key points below:

  • Adopt a collaborative mindset within the Government and with other community stakeholders including the businesses to facilitate cross-disciplinary action
  • Set up a high-level authority to coordinate and formulate integrated policies
  • Stakeholders participation should be active from devising through to implementing policies
  • Engage leading international businesses, from technology to consulting, to gain practical knowledge and experience from overseas projects
  • Strategy must be goal-oriented with a set timeframe and measurable policy targets
  • Promote a green economy driven by consumers’ demand and create definitions of smart living
  • Apply international best practices in a regulatory framework for sustainable consumption including labelling and certifications.
  • Make Internet of Things (IoT) a key economic driver for government and businesses
  • Promote a sharing economy to increase efficiency and standard of living
  • Make cybersecurity a priority in addressing data security and protection in the “smart” era
  • Create a favorable regulatory environment to drive innovative products and services
  • Promote citizen participation and nurture “Smart Citizens” as a starting point of change

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