China Affairs

China Affairs Department is an executive workforce designated to formulate and implement AmCham’s overall China Agenda. Led by the Board & the China Affairs Group and coordinated with Chamber’s Membership Department, Government Relations/Public Affairs Department, Publication Department and all Chamber Committees, China Affairs Department is dedicated to reinforce Hong Kong as a "gateway into China" and also a "gateway out of China." The two major goals of China Affairs Department are 1) to inform AmCham members broadly about business developments and opportunities in Mainland China; 2) to assist member companies to succeed in China’s market; and 3) to interface effectively with Chinese companies that are trying to go international. In order to achieve the goals, the Department is dedicated to the following programs and activities.
A 1-day Tour of Chinese Healthtech Companies in Shenzhen was successfully held on Mar 29

China Conference
Between the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and the re-opening of the Chinese market in 1979, China was an inward and isolated country; from 1979 to 2009, it became a destination for foreign direct investment and the world’s factory for consumables. The question is: how China will continue to evolve in the next 30 years? With China’s 19th Party Congress in the fall of 2017, it is becoming increasingly difficult to apprehend the impact of a changing geopolitical landscape on MNCs. Is China on a different course of economic expansion in an era of more modest GDP growth? And how will it affect foreign enterprises in a market undergoing a shift from manufacturing to domestic consumption?

Beijing Doorknock
For the seventh year in a row since AmCham Hong Kong reinstated in 2010 its annual “Doorknock” trip to China’s capital city, a delegation of senior business executives led by Chairman Walter Dias was in Beijing to have candid face-to-face discussions with Chinese government officials responsible for making and implementing polices that influence business development in China.

South China Delegations

Building China Business Connections