The American Chamber to CY Leung: Save our ports, recognise foreign same-sex partnerships, HKTB’s PR firms failing HK


The American Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong is the biggest international Chamber in Hong Kong and its companies are huge drivers of employment and investment in Asia’s World City.

Simply put, the views of its members matter.

From the British and Canadian Chamber recommendations, HT now turns to the States. Titled “Looking Ahead: Vision, Relevance & Influence”, the American Chamber (AmCham) sticks with tried and true – and ventures into controversial new ground with recommendations that Hong Kong recognise same-sex marriage for the purpose of working visas and tackles the diminishing competitiveness of Hong Kong’s ports due to government action – or inaction.

Boldly American style, the Chamber aims for its home to be “visionary, relevant and influential” and outlines policies it believes will get the city there.

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