Microsoft banks on Hong Kong’s digital potential with launch of Surface Hub


Microsoft launched its Surface Hub in Hong Kong on Tuesday as it targets the digital transformation potential of companies in the city.

Described by the firm as a “multi-touch collaboration device”, the Surface Hub is like an interactive whiteboard users can draw on and save written notes on during a meeting. However, it also acts as an integrated device that can be used as an extension of a smartphones or laptop during team meetings or presentations.

For example, users can connect their smartphones or tablets directly to the Surface Hub, which will act as a projector, of sorts, to the rest of the team. Other features include the teleconferencing sofware Skype for Business, which lets users from anywhere in the world connect to a meeting through the Surface Hub. Users can annotate directly on the screen, and also present or work on 3D drawings.

Hong Kong is the first city in the Greater China region with access to the Surface Hub device, according to Microsoft.

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