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Don't miss our newest exhibition 'Nostalgia 2' - from accomplished photographer Xyza Bacani, made possible with the generous support of Soul of Art (HK) Ltd.

Starting August 2017

Join us for a special reception on September 7, 2017




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Xyza Bacani is a Filipina Street and Documentary Photographer who has been featured on the New York Times Lens Blog, CNN, and various international media publications - not only for her excellence in photography, but also for her inspirational story. Working as a domestic worker in Hong Kong for almost a decade, she used photography to raise awareness about under-reported stories, focusing on migrants and human rights issues.

About Soul of Art HK:

The managing partner of Soul of Art HK is Hong Kong-based Jane Straley alongside Berlin-based, Lori Lee. Both have a long standing relationship dating back to the mid 90’s while both were establishing their careers in the fashion industry in Asia and the USA.

Soul of Art HK exhibits young talents together with internationally acclaimed artists to allow for talent development and to present an exceptional, interesting array of artworks.  From installations, oil paintings and photography to red wine paintings, the Soul of Art HK focuses on contemporary art as a holistic genre.

Besides public exhibitions and direct art sales to public and private collectors, the Soul of Art HK focuses not only on art consultancy for hotels, gastronomy and other commercial projects but as well offers artwork rental services, conceptualisation of art events and as well has also created an Artist in Residence programme. Currently, the Soul of Art HK represents over 30 artists from around Asia, Europe, and the United States, with a concentration on development of Hong Kong, Chinese, Austrian, and German artists.

For further inquiries, please contact Jane Straley.


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