Living in Hong Kong

Custom, Religions and Festivals
Hong Kong is a thriving, modern city that blends the old with the new. Old Hong Kong is kept alive with many cultural festivals held throughout the year which are enthusiastically attended by locals and visitors alike. Set this background to the modern facade of its skyscrapers and it is easy to see why the city has become home to many visitors from around the world.
Where to Shop
Almost like Yin and Yang, there are two main choices of where to shop in Hong Kong - either Hong Kong Island itself or the alternative Kowloon district across the harbor. Both have their share of modern malls and both have traditional market streets for bargain hunters.
What to Shop
There are so many shopping opportunities in Hong Kong, and it is a good idea to plan what you are looking to buy before heading out. Knowing what to look for and going to the right places will save time and bring about the best experience.
Wine & Dine
With relatively small kitchens in many homes in Hong Kong, going out for a meal – whether it is just for a quick bite or to enjoy a fine dining experience – is a very attractive option. Whatever your taste, you will find something that suits you down to the ground and for any occasion. For diners Hong Kong has it all.
Arts and Culture
Ever since the boom of the 1960’s Hong Kong has welcomed with open arms the arts scene in all forms. Arts hubs and venues started opening at a rapid rate – a trend still ongoing as seen from the development of the West Kowloon Cultural district.
Despite being confined to a small perimeter, Hong Kong has a vast amount of dedicated space for recreational purposes. Country parks abound in the New Territories, and various sports clubs are on both sides of the harbor. Over three quarters of the territory is grass, trees and sand. private organizations.
Family Fun
Hong Kong is a place where families can enjoy adventures and a wide range of activities. There is no shortage of amusement, entertainment and sightseeing opportunities for the young and old alike, especially on the weekends and during the many holidays throughout the year.
Moving to Hong Kong
Planning your move to Hong Kong in advance will alleviate many of the challenges that people find prior to departure from their home country. This chapter will provide you with a checklist of items essential to making your relocation as smooth as possible.
Getting Settled and Accommodations
Settling into Hong Kong for a fast-paced lifestyle may take a while depending on how well-planned your move has been and whether you have previously visited and stayed in the city. Picking the right place to live will be a very important part of the process.
Southside Comfort
The communities on the Southside of Hong Kong have been drawing interest among expatriate families for many years. The sunny side of the island has beautiful beaches and residences with spectacular views facing the South China Sea. A short distance from business districts, this area is considered one of Hong Kong’s most luxurious and sought-after residential areas.