Living in Hong Kong

A world-class city for reasons other than its thriving economy, Hong Kong boasts a myriad of attractions guaranteed to impress and excite even the weariest traveler.
The first cliché - that “Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise” - is true. The second - that “you get what you pay for” - is less so, as price doesn’t necessarily determine quality here. So before setting out, know where to find what you are looking for.
Wine & Dine
Relatively small kitchens in the homes of many Hong Kongers make going out for meals a convenient and popular option. Whatever the occasion or craving, you are guaranteed to find the right option for your taste buds (and wallet).
Arts & Culture
From the urban art spray-painted on alley walls, to the weekend buskers who compete for attention on busy streets, Hong Kong’s thirst for creative expression is evident everywhere you go. The city’s dynamic arts and culture scene, best described as a fusion of classical Chinese culture and contemporary Western influences, has been the recipient of growing international attention in recent years.
Sports & Recreation
Just as Hong Kong’s love of shopping is evident in the quality and diversity of its malls, its array of sports facilities, recreation venues and well-maintained natural attractions is telling of Hong Kongers’ desire to keep fit and stay healthy – if not their need to de-stress and unwind!
Next Door: Pearl River Delta
The Pearl River Delta, a region encompassing the major cities of Guangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, is rich in culture and heritage. A short train or ferry ride away from Hong Kong, these four cities are worth exploring over a weekend or short holiday.