Arts & Culture

From the urban art spray-painted on alley walls, to the weekend buskers who compete for attention on busy streets, Hong Kong’s thirst for creative expression is evident everywhere you go. The city’s dynamic arts and culture scene, best described as a fusion of classical Chinese culture and contemporary Western influences, has been the recipient of growing international attention in recent years.

Arts Venues and Performance Places

There are many venues in Hong Kong dedicated to the performing arts and other creative exhibitions.

Areas of Interest

Whether you prefer to watch or get involved, there are a variety of options available for those with specific artistic interests.

Art Galleries

Whatever your poison: be it contemporary, urban, Asian, abstract or photography, visual art lovers will be excited by the sheer number and diversity of art galleries to be found all over Hong Kong. Here are some of our favorites on either side of the harbor.


For aspiring students and professionals alike, Hong Kong provides an excellent platform for dancers to pirouette their way onto the world stage.

Contemporary Dance
The modern dance presented in the city reflects the vitality and creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant and multifaceted contemporary culture.


Hong Kong may not be known internationally for its comedy, but its well- established local comedy scene has a loyal following that includes expats and locals alike. Budding comedic talents perform alongside old hands at various shows and open mic nights in front of eager audiences. In recent years, the city has also played host to a number of international comedy festivals and roadshows, along with a number of world-renowned standup acts such as Russell Peters (Canada) and Jimmy Carr (U.K.).<...


Just like most other modern cities, Hong Kong has its fair share of cinemas, most of which are conveniently located in shopping malls. Alternative cinemas screening indie and arthouse films are far fewer in number, but worth a detour for fans of film and video art.

Musicals, Live Theater and Productions

Hong Kong does not have its own theater district, but at least half a dozen Broadway or West End shows do come to the city for a limited run each year. Local production companies will occasionally put on shows as well. Check the online ticketing websites for information on upcoming shows.


Guide of Music Shows.

Live Music

There are several venues in Hong Kong that play live music, with new places being uncovered all the time. Here are a few that have stood the test of time.

Guide of Opera in HK


Hong Kong undoubtedly offers some of the finest Chinese and Western classical music in Asia. With a year-round calendar of classical music events on offer, one cannot experience true life in Hong Kong without attending at least one. Here are some of the most reputable orchestras.

Music Lessons and Participation

Hong Kong offers an extensive support network for all those interested in music. Local Hong Kong students experience a broad study of music as early as their primary and secondary education years. As most parents favor music as an extracurricular activity for their children, a large percentage of Hong Kong youth will study one or more musical instruments throughout their academic life. There are various schools and institutes dedicated to the study of music.

Major Events, Festivals and Fairs

Throughout the year, Hong Kong hosts a number of festivals and fairs in celebration of arts and culture. Ranging from film to the literary arts, these events provide wonderful opportunities for exposure to a spectrum of artistic interests from around the world. Here are the major ones: