Arts & Culture

From the urban art spray-painted on alley walls, to the weekend buskers who compete for attention on busy streets, Hong Kong’s thirst for creative expression is evident everywhere you go. The city’s dynamic arts and culture scene, best described as a fusion of classical Chinese culture and contemporary Western influences, has been the recipient of growing international attention in recent years.

Where to Go
Hong Kong has many venues where performances and shows are scheduled.


Live Theater
Guide of Live Theater in HK

For aspiring students and professionals alike, Hong Kong provides an excellent platform for dancers to pirouette their way onto the world stage.

Contemporary Dance
The modern dance presented in the city reflects the vitality and creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant and multifaceted contemporary culture.

Hong Kong undoubtedly offers some of the fi nest Chinese and Western classical music in Asia

Live Music
Guide of Live Music in HK

Music Venues
There are several places in Hong Kong to hear live jazz and contemporary music.

Guide of Comedy club in HK

Music Lessons/Participation
For the young and the mature, local or expat, Hong Kong offers an extensive support network for all those interested in music.

Drama Lessons/Participation
When it comes to drama, there is not much that can beat the thrill and reality of the live stage.

Choir/Singing Lessons/ Participation
Hong Kong’s tradition in singing and chorus is one aspect of art that can be easily overlooked.

Program and Events
Throughout the year, Hong Kong is home to a number of festivals that celebrate arts and culture from around the world.

Arts and Design
The visual art and design scene in Hong Kong has boomed significantly in the last few years, and there are many galleries and exhibitions where you can view and buy pieces by local and international artists, both big and small.

Other Festivals
Guide to Other Festivals in HK