Custom, Religions and Festivals

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Hong Kong is a thriving, modern city that blends the old with the new. Old Hong Kong is kept alive with many cultural festivals held throughout the year which are enthusiastically attended by locals and visitors alike. Set this background to the modern facade of its skyscrapers and it is easy to see why the city has become home to many visitors from around the world.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Lunar calendar reflects the culture of the Middle Kingdom. Although it is referenced as a “lunar” calendar, the Chinese calendar is actually based on astronomical observations of both the sun and the moon. In the Chinese calendar, each month is dictated by one cycle of the moon.

Culture of the middle Kingdom
The Chinese Lunar calendar reflects the culture of the Middle Kingdom – the yin and yang and the five elements.

The People and Religion
Religion in Hong Kong is characterized by a diversity of beliefs and practices

Holidays and Festivals
There are five major festivals in the Chinese calendar. The Lunar New Year is the most significant. The other festivals include Ching Ming in spring, Dragon Boat in early summer, Mid-Autumn and Chung Yeung in the fall.

Cemeteries and Funeral Parlors Death being a taboo subject in Chinese culture, it is not easy to fi nd information on cemeteries and funeral parlors in Hong Kong.