Family Fun

Hong Kong is a place where families can enjoy adventures and a wide range of activities. There is no shortage of amusement, entertainment and sightseeing opportunities for the young and old alike, especially on the weekends and during the many holidays throughout the year.

Hong Kong Urban Parks
There are basically two kinds of parks in Hong Kong: the vest-pocket parks, which are small, pleasant sitting-out areas, with perhaps a small playground for the children and exercise equipment for the adults

Parks, Zoos and Gardens in Hong Kong
Although those listed above are among the most popular in Hong Kong, there are parks, zoos and gardens scattered throughout the city and New Territories.

Nature Parks
There are other parks managed by NGOs and other organizations. These focus on HongKong’s natural and agricultural heritage, flora and fauna.

Museums and Galleries
Hong Kong boasts many galleries that are reasonably priced and provide a good day or afternoon of entertainment for the family.

Aviation Discovery Center
Located at Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport on Lantau Island, the Aviation Discovery Center (ADC) is the world’s first ever aviation-themed multimedia center.

Themed Parks
Discovery of Hong Kong Themed Parks

Guided Tours
Settling into your new home can be an alien, often frightening experience. If your knowledge of the area is limited, it’s a good idea to learn your surroundings. Knowing where to eat, where to shop and where to find entertainment is always useful information to have in Hong Kong.

Temple Treks
Various temples around Hong Kong are open daily for visitors. Typically no admission is charged. Information about each temple can be found on the Discover Hong Kong website.

Hiking is one of the least expensive and most readily available leisure activities for the whole family.

Going to the Movies
Watching films is a very popular activity in Hong Kong, and there are cinemas all around town. Movies range from the latest Hollywood productions to films from the Asian region, especially productions of the local industry.

The Hong Kong Film Archive
The Hong Kong Film Archive collects and shows a range of vintage and classic movies as well as old Chinese and Hong Kong produced movies. Themed screening programs include 100 Must See Hong Kong Movies, the French Cinepanorama and Restored Treasures.