Moving to Hong Kong

Planning your move to Hong Kong in advance will alleviate many of the challenges that people find prior to departure from their home country. This chapter will provide you with a checklist of items essential to making your relocation as smooth as possible.

Moving to Hong Kong
Things you need to be aware of.

Passport Services
The US Consulate General in Hong Kong accepts applications by mail for passport renewal and adding additional pages of persons aged 18 or above.

Applying for a Visa
As a foreign national entering Hong Kong for purposes of employment, establishing a business or joining a company, you will need an employment visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (HKID) before you arrive. If your family members are to come with you, they should obtain dependent visas prior to arrival as well. To apply for a visa, contact an embassy, consulate or diplomatic office of the People’s Republic of China. The normal processing period is eight to twelve weeks.

Right to Land/Unconditional Stay
Foreign passport holders and their families can apply for “Permanent Residence” and the associated “Right to Land” endorsement.

Shipping Goods to Hong Kong
Before you arrange your move to Hong Kong, it’s a good idea to also think about moving back home.

Many people find that they need to place some of their furniture and belongings into storage for a period of time. This option is quite common practice for those who find their new home is not quite as large as they would like.

Bringing a Pet
You may bring your domestic pet (cat, dog or bird) to Hong Kong, but you need be aware of certain requirements before you decide to uproot your pet. Contact your relocation company beforehand to find out if it is feasible and to make sure your pet can be given care during the move.

Legal Concerns
Discovery of Hong Kong Legal Issue when Moving to Hong Kong

Moving From Hong Kong
Leaving Hong Kong is somewhat like arriving, only in reverse. The most important thing is to plan ahead and allow as much time as possible because the longer you wait, the less flexibility you will enjoy.

Things to Do Before You Leave Hong Kong
Things to Do Before You Leave Hong Kong