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Despite being confined to a small perimeter, Hong Kong has a vast amount of dedicated space for recreational purposes. Country parks abound in the New Territories, and various sports clubs are on both sides of the harbor. Over three quarters of the territory is grass, trees and sand. private organizations.

Fitness Clubs
People in Hong Kong are now generally more aware of their health.

2016 Sports Event Calendar
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and more

Major Sporting Events
Most of the sporting and competition events in Hong Kong are marked by the Major Sports Events Committee, which is tasked to advise on the policy and resource allocation for major sports events in Hong Kong.

Endurance Sports
There has been a steady increase in Hong Kong people taking up the challenge of endurance sports such as running marathons, cycling and open water swimming, as well as the three combined in triathlons.

Other Activities
Guide of other recreational activities in Hong Kong

Sports Resources

Major Clubs and Associations
Guide of Major Recreational Clubs and Associations in Hong Kong

Sports for the Disabled
The Hong Kong Paralympics Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (HKPC) was established in 1972 by a group of rehabilitation enthusiasts.

Water Sports
With beaches and oceans on all sides, no wonder water sports are among the most popular activities on Hong Kong’s sporting hot list.

Swimming Pools
A Hong Kong summer could really be a steamy, sticky mess if it weren’t for two main commodities: air conditioning and swimming pools.

Public Beaches
Sometimes, a crowded 25-meter swimming pool just isn’t going to cut it, especially for those looking for a summer tan

Country Parks
Several large country parks are located within three main areas: the New Territories, Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island.

Hiking around Hong Kong
With acres of country parks surrounding the urban sprawl of Hong Kong, hiking is one of the most enjoyed and easiest activities for young and old.

Martial Arts
Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Hong Kong or China is a walking Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, ready to pass out roundhouse kicks to the face or comic Kung Fu against poorly armed henchmen.

Social Dance
Social dancing, not to be confused with partner dancing or group dancing, is a dance form or dance type where socializing and having a relaxing and fun time is the main focus, without the pressure of a live performance.

Yoga has become hugely popular among the young and the executive types.

Guide of Trampoling in Hong Kong