What to Shop

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There are so many shopping opportunities in Hong Kong, and it is a good idea to plan what you are looking to buy before heading out. Knowing what to look for and going to the right places will save time and bring about the best experience.

Haute couture, high fashion knock-offs or something easy and casual?

Several major chains offer home appliances, entertainment centers, photographic equipment and other electronic products.

There are many retailers in Hong Kong selling computers.

Home Appliances
Appliances for the home can be purchased at many small and large retailers.

Premium Kitchen Appliances
Many luxury and premium branded kitchen appliance retailers are available in Hong Kong

Telecommunications & Mobile Phone Services
Fixed line telephone services are now often bundled with broadband connection and cable TV.

Books and Magazines
The annual book fair held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is always a huge opportunity to see the latest titles and buy books and publications from all over the world

Specialized Bookstores
Guide to HK specialized bookstores

General Bookstores
Guide to HK general bookstores

Music and CDs
Despite being able to download music and videos from online sites, going to the music store is still an enjoyable shopping experience.

Pharmacies or drug stores in Hong Kong, just like their Western counterparts, sell a lot more. Like mini convenience stores, they also sell sweets and snacks, along with a range of beauty, hair care and personal care products.

If your flat in Hong Kong is not already furnished, you’ll need to decide on how to furnish it based on several concerns.

Guide for Interiors shopping

Bedding & Mattresses
A good place to buy bedding at reasonable prices is at Chinese department stores, including Wing On and Sincere, which offer cotton or silk sheets, pillowcases, bed covers, quilts and duvets in all bed sizes. Many other retailers offer bedding at every price level.

Curtains, Blinds, Fabrics & Linens
Window sizes and shapes vary so widely in Hong Kong that you may fi nd it diffi cult to fi nd ready-made drapes in shops.

You can have the wooden floors in your flat professionally covered in wall-to-wall carpets, widely available in all grades and price levels.

Lighting & Lamps
From traditional table lamps with silk shades to ultra modern spotlights and chrome ceiling lights – from cut-glass chandeliers to porcelain and bronze lamps – you can find them all in Hong Kong lighting shops.

Wallpaper and Ceramic tiles
Wallpaper is very popular in Hong Kong. There are several shops that specialize in wall coverings.

Art & Antiques
Antique shops in Hong Kong have always provided some of the best and most sought after Chinese cultural relics outside of China. In the last half decade, arts, and in particular the sale and exhibition of contemporary Chinese art, has boomed in Hong Kong.

Art Auctions
In addition to gallery shows there are also art auctions, which usually take place biannually

Art Galleries are found in every area and district in Hong Kong.

Art Supplies
With the boom in the arts in Hong Kong, many look forward to learning about painting, sculpture and other creative pursuits.

Pets and their Care
Hong Kong does have numerous pet shops that supply a menagerie of animals that can be purchased as pets.

Keeping fish may be an easier option for some.

The size of the cosmetics industry in Hong Kong can be seen in any walk along a street with shops.