Where to Shop

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Almost like Yin and Yang, there are two main choices of where to shop in Hong Kong - either Hong Kong Island itself or the alternative Kowloon district across the harbor. Both have their share of modern malls and both have traditional market streets for bargain hunters.

Every part of Hong Kong has shopping malls. These range from smaller plazas with shops that focus on a single product type (computers, audio-video equipment and fashion) to comprehensive mega malls that offer a wide range of shops that cater to every taste and budget.

Department Stores
Many people still prefer the department store concept in order to centralize their shopping under one roof.

The major grocery store chains in Hong Kong include Park-n-Shop, Fusion, TASTE, Great, Wellcome, Market Place and city’super.

Convenience Stores
In Hong Kong there is no shortage of convenience stores offering drinks, snacks and sweets. Sometimes you may find several 7-11s in one neighborhood.

Key Streets & Markets
Apart from modern shops and malls, Hong Kong still retains many traditional shopping areas. These include entire streets that house single-item shops.

Factory Outlets
Factory outlets that sell excess stock, overruns and quality control rejects are located in various parts of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Seasonal Bazaars and Fairs
In the spring and fall, many private clubs and international schools hold bazaars where you can buy a fantastic range of upmarket goods, many imported specially for these events.

Online Shopping
Online shopping in Hong Kong is slowly emerging as a way to shop

Local Shopping
Shopping in Hong Kong is not a mystery, even if you are not able to speak Cantonese.