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Welcome to the web site of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong - one of the largest American Chambers outside the US, the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. On this site you'll find out about AmCham services, programs, publications and advocacy. Our members are united in the belief that an economic system based upon free trade, open markets and private enterprise creates employment, prosperity and stability, as outlined in our Purposes & Objectives. The chamber subscribes to a set of universal business principles in support of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.
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We are “an American Chamber with international characteristics.” That means all our events create networking environments that attract people from a rich variety of national, ethnic, religious, and business backgrounds. Conversation is never boring!
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Chamber's Leadership Team
AmCham HK staff are divided into various departments, including the President's office, Membership & Engagement, Business Development, Government Relations & Public Affairs, and Communications.
Throughout its history the AmCham HK has based all its activities on its core mission, values, and objectives
In 1968, a group of executives formed an organizing committee to propose the establishment of an American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. This new chamber was designed to represent the ever-growing range of American business interests in the colony. In addition, the Chamber was to serve as a forum for the exchange and development of ideas among members of the business community, both in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
AmCham 2020 Key Priorities
As we enter the new and challenging year of 2020, here is a sneak peek of what AmCham’s priorities are.
AmCham Initiatives
The Chamber focuses on expanding our footprints into the Greater Bay Area and supporting our new generations by better equipping them to face the future with expanded professional networks whilst shaping their innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.
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