[Complimentary Webinar] Abolition of MPF Offsetting Arrangement - Insights for Senior HR and Management

[Complimentary Webinar] Abolition of MPF Offsetting Arrangement - Insights for Senior HR and Management



As the Chief Executive of the HKSAR announced earlier, the MPF offsetting mechanism will be abolished on May 1, 2025. With this official launch date, what are the arrangements before and after the "transition date"? Will there be any scenarios for exemption? How is the government arrangement on the subsidy scheme? Is there any impact on the abolition to the existing Employment Ordinance?

As employers and HR, what should you be preparing for? MPF Expert GUM is hosting a webinar together with representative from the Labour Department and expert in employment law to dissect the latest MPF spotlight. Reserve your seat now to learn more about the new legislation.

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