Ben Simpfendorfer
Committee Co-Chair

Founder & Managing Director
Silk Road Associates

Ben Simpfendorfer is Founder and CEO of Silk Road Associates, a data-driven strategic advisory based in Hong Kong.

Ben has worked in Asia and the Middle East for the past 20 years. He advises a range of Fortune 500 multinationals on their commercial strategies in Asia, providing global boards and regional strategy teams with data-based solutions into fast-moving markets and their value-chains. His extensive specialist networks add further insights into today’s key operating challenges.

Before establishing Silk Road Associates in 2010, Ben spent over a decade tracking China’s business landscape as chief China economist for RBS and senior China economist for JPMorgan based in Hong Kong. He started his career in Beirut during the early 1990s where he worked as a management consultant, later joining Dun & Bradstreet based in London as the firm’s senior analyst for the Middle East & North Africa.

Ben speaks Mandarin and Arabic. He is author of The Rise of the New East (Palgrave: 2014), examining commercial opportunities and complexities in the Asia market, and The New Silk Road (Palgrave: 2009), exploring China’s commercial ties with the Middle East. The book is translated into six languages including simplified and traditional Chinese. He appears regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN, and his articles have been published by the FT and WSJ.

Ben has delivered keynotes and CEO briefings worldwide. He is a member of the Foreign Experts Committee providing recommendations to China's central leadership on the 'Belt and Road' initiative under the auspices of SAFEA. He is Co-Chairman of the China Business Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. He also sits on the advisory board of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) in Hong Kong.

貝哲民是香港一家數據驅動型戰略顧問公司Silk Road Associates的創始人兼首席執行官。


在2010年創建Silk Road Associates之前,貝哲民曾擔任香港蘇格蘭皇家銀行首席中國經濟師和摩根大通高級中國經濟師,追踪並研究中國的商業格局達10餘年之久。 90年代初,他曾在貝魯特擔任過管理顧問,後來加入倫敦的鄧白氏集團,出任該公司負責中東與北非地區的高級分析師。

貝哲民通曉普通話和阿拉伯語。他著有《新東方的崛起》(Palgrave出版社:2014年)和《新絲綢之路》(Palgrave出版社:2009年)。 《新東方的崛起》檢視了亞洲市場的商機和其錯綜複雜的環境。而《新絲綢之路》則探討了中國與中東地區的商業聯繫。他的著作被翻譯成六種語言,包括簡體和繁體中文。貝哲民還定期出鏡CNBC、彭博和CNN訪談。他的社論也被《金融時報》和《華爾街日報》發表。