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As Hong Kong trying to adapt to the new normal post-COVID 19, we will explore how we get back to the arts, treat ourselves to (r)etail therapy, and rediscovering the beauty of Hong Kong. Learn from the Firechat with Hong Kong Tourism Board's Executive Director, and then hear five local start-ups present their pitches to our panel of corporate innovation judges.

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President Donald Trump is employing harsh anti-China rhetoric as a centerpiece of his campaign. His opponent former Vice-President Joe Biden is also taking a hard line on China to fend off accusations of being too soft on China during the Obama administration. China- bashing on the campaign trail has been a common sideshow in US presidential campaigns since the 1990s. But is has never before been so front and center in the strategy of both candidates. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in US-China relations due to China's increasing international assertiveness, President Trump's trade war with China and the global political and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. So what does this all add up to for US-China relations after the election is over, and what are the potential differences in the bilateral relationship depending on who ends up in the Oval Office? What are the changes and continuities in American policy toward China in the Trump administration over the next 4 years or in a Biden administration? As US-China strategic competition intensifies, how can American businesses navigate through this turbulent time? What roles can business stakeholders play to encourage both governments to rebuild trust?

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What will it take to create a world where you leave your workplace healthier than when you came in? We are in buildings 90% of the time, and so it is critical that the work environments we design prioritize human health and wellness at all scales. In this interactive webinar session, participants will learn practical insights from leading experts on human health and well-being inside the built environment. Their panel discussion will touch on the specifics of what constitutes health-enhancing work spaces, addressing the key considerations organizations need to take into account to ensure the safety and comfort of their people, both physical and mental.

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As companies and governments digest the contents of Hong Kong's New Security Law, both legal experts and the US government have raised serious concerns over articles about extraterritoriality among other provisions. What is the latest view on the law as it is being analysed overseas? What types of reaction can we expect in the months ahead from US officials?

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2020 has been a tumultuous year for the world, China's economy, and US-China relations. What is the strength of China's economic recovery? Which sectors will outperform and how will COVID-19 reshape China's commercial landscape? What are the risks and opportunities for American companies and investors in Hong Kong and China amid rising US-China tensions? And does Hong Kong have a role to play?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put more strain in US-China relations as both countries engage in a multi-faceted trade war. As US-China strategic competition intensifies during COVID-19, is there a window of opportunity for the two giants to cooperate to combat the pandemic and other global crises? How can international businesses manage risks in the areas of supply chain, regulation, and splinternet of things? How will political tensions affect economic relations especially during US presidential election season?

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After weeks of mandatory social distancing, Hong Kongers are beginning to return to their normal routines as more businesses reopen and end temporary work-at-home arrangements. Join the AmCham Law Committee on Monday, 1 June 2020, at 12:00 to 1:00 p.m., for a discussion led by Jennifer Van Dale, Partner and Head of Eversheds Sutherland's Asia employment practice and Hong Kong data privacy practice, on how Hong Kong employment law applies to returning to the workplace. The session will explore topics including current trends of Hong Kong employees returning to the workplace, employers obligations under laws such as the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance, details on support for businesses available through the Hong Kong Employment Support Scheme (ESS), and the future of work and remote working in Hong Kong. Jennifer Van Dale, a Hong Kong resident for over 25 years, serves as trusted counsel to multinational clients on Hong Kong and Asia-related privacy, cyber security and employment law matters. Jennifer is a member of the Hong Kong Law Society, where she sits on the Employment Law Committee. She frequently consults with governmental advisory bodies and NGOs on diversity issues and labour law.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, work, and create value all around the world. For example, in the past 3 months, we have all become Zoom & Microsoft Teams experts! While the rest of the world looks forward to re-opening economies after the pandemic, Hong Kong is also looking forward to recovering from months of social unrest. How will Hong Kong digitize, optimize, and strategize in a new normal, returning to economic growth and leadership? This new normal is a huge opportunity for Hong Kong to drive its transition to a digital economy and create a buoyant innovation ecosystem, linking corporates, start-ups and capital. "Seed to Success" is a three-part series of lunchtime virtual meetings, showcasing Hong Kong unicorns, connecting start-ups with corporates, and building a successful, sustainable innovation community in Hong Kong. Join us on May 29 for the second session: Movement. As Hong Kong takes its first steps to re-open and re-start business activities, we will explore how start-ups in the logistics and transport space can speed up the road to recovery. Learn from a genuine Hong Kong unicorn how start ups can succeed in Hong Kong, and then hear five local start-ups present their pitches to our panel of corporate innovation judges.

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The Democratic presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, is now gearing up to take on President Trump in the general election this November. What are the political economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US presidential race? How do Democrats and Republicans view on President Trump's response to COVID-19? What about the congressional race?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world economy upside down. Countries across the globe have to shut down business activities and impose travel restriction in order to flatten the curve. The IMF recently projected global growth in 2020 will fall to -3%, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. How should countries re-open their economies after the Great Lockdown? Can the world economy bounce back quickly? Are there any bright spots in the economic outlook or this crisis might cause a long lasting structural damage?