AmCham Chairman called on the HKSAR to “engage” with the U.S.


Hong Kong business groups are starting to worry the Trump administration will open the door to ending the financial hub’s preferential trade status, rendering it “just another Chinese city” as its government gets closer to Beijing.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission stoked fears last month with a recommendation that Congress reassess Hong Kong’s special trading status for some sensitive U.S. technology imports. It said Beijing’s statements and legislative actions “continue to run counter to China’s promise to uphold Hong Kong’s autonomy.”

Jack Lange, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, called on the Hong Kong administration to “engage” with the U.S. to ensure that sensitive technologies don’t end up in China given the city’s increasing economic integration with the mainland.

“People are concerned about the autonomy issues and the consequences that could come out of them,” Lange said. Still, he added, Hong Kong citizens enjoy substantial liberties: “Nobody has any problem googling anything they want in Hong Kong. That’s not true across the border.”

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