AmCham Leader inspires teenagers to achieve their dreams

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On May 15, 2017, AmCham Leader Caroline Johnson, Chair of the Pharmaceutical Committee, and General Manager, Hong Kong and Philippines, AbbVie Limited was invited to speak to 300 high school students at Stewards Pooi Kei College about “Achieving Your Dream”.

AmCham believes that student engagement is an important way for the business community to give back. The “Conversation with an AmCham Leader” program provides meaningful exchange with seasoned global business leaders and helps young people understand the complex and ever-changing business world, while equipping them with the right skills. 

With her experience in pharmaceutical industry, Caroline shared how she discovered her passion and goals. From lobbying the UK government, funding treatment for hemophiliacs in her home country, to helping AIDS orphans in remote Chinese villages, she told her stories about creating remarkable impact on patients’ lives and encouraged the students to show ownership, commitment and dedication.

Students were provided an opportunity for further discussion, asking questions regarding the pharmaceutical industry, receiving career advice, and further one-on-one talks.

“Grooming young talents is important to us at AbbVie as well as to AmCham so we are more than happy to invest our time in our future generation. I can really feel the energy and enthusiasm of these young people and am proud of them proactively taking charge of their own development. I hope the session can inspire them to embark on the journey of dream pursuing and self-actualizing.  Thinking about how these young talents will become a force and engine for change and innovation in our community makes me very excited too.”