AmCham response to passing of HK Human Rights and Democracy Act

hk hrda 656 x 376.png

AmCham respects the passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as a renewed expression of America’s fundamental interests in Hong Kong. We have already, however, voiced our concern about the possible unintended, counter-productive consequences of the bill, including on American business and its ability to continue exercising a strong positive influence in support of Hong Kong’s traditional core values – in particular the sections addressing export controls and sanctions. We hope the implementation of this act will not undermine the effective cooperation US and Hong Kong authorities have on export control, or limit Hong Kong’s legal enforcement of criminal law due to US sanctions. Any enactment that loses sight of Hong Kong’s unique circumstances and its extraordinary, continuing achievements as a bastion of free expression, free flow of information, free markets, individual liberty, rule of law and judicial independence will diminish the reality or the perception of Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy under “one country, two systems” and damage Hong Kong’s role as an international business center. We believe that as Hong Kong provides a unique place in the world supporting free trade and connectivity under one country, two systems, the city is just too special to fail.
For AmCham’s detailed position on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, please click here