AmCham sees 10 Opportunities for the HKSAR’s New Leadership


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Hong Kong – April 5, 2017 – AmCham welcomes the new leader of the HKSAR, Mrs. Carrie Lam, and hopes the Chief Executive-elect will become the city’s foremost Brand Manager to strongly communicate Hong Kong’s strategic position as a unique and truly international city of China, and how it will strengthen its competitive advantages among its regional counterparts.

“The Chamber has known and worked with Carrie for many years through the International Business Community and many other occasions, and we look forward to working closer with her to enhance Hong Kong’s position as a world class city in Asia by increasing the city’s competitiveness and livability,” said Chairman Walter Dias.

AmCham sees 10 opportunities for the Chief Executive-elect to champion for Hong Kong:

  1. Devise a strategic position for Hong Kong’s economic development and communicate overtly and effectively its position to the broader community here and overseas to make Hong Kong a visible and active thought leader in driving a new era of growth.
  2. Narrow the social divide and uplift citizens’ spirit towards the opportunities associated with Hong Kong’s strategic and advantageous position as a gateway to China, global innovative powerhouse and window for Chinese enterprises to go overseas.
  3. Proactively present the strong business case and successful stories of how the core values such as rule of law, freedoms and world-class business ethics guaranteed by the ‘One Country Two Systems’ bring about new opportunities in the new, digital economy.
  4. Transform the mindset of government to strike a balance between over-regulation and promotion of creativity and innovation to ensure a genuine ecosystem for building an innovative economy can take place.
  5. Facilitate more and deepen public-private partnership to spearhead government initiatives or incubate projects that could bring in innovation and talents to Hong Kong, and decentralize government powers where applicable to facilitate bottom-up participation.
  6. Be a robust international city role model of China and thought leader in Hong Kong’s business synergy with Southern China leveraging its strong hardware and software, and play the super connector role of China in Belt and Road and other international business opportunities.
  7. Make education a top priority to cultivate a future workforce with global mindset, high IT literacy and diversity, which also addresses that problem of social mobility to ensure the broad population is equipped with skills that match the fast-changing business needs.
  8. Make Hong Kong a livable and sustainable environment for expatriates by lowering the costs of living and doing business, and improving the environment with greater energy efficiency and planning of space towards sustainability.
  9. Strengthen the strong US-Hong Kong link in trade, innovation, education and culture to facilitate more frequent flows of technology transfer, education exchange, tourism, and potentially many other areas of collaboration.
  10. Take a strong advocacy position in regional institutions and negotiations such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on Hong Kong’s opportunities as the unique international city of China.


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