AmCham statement regarding the non-renewal of FT Editor Victor Mallet’s visa


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Hong Kong – October 8, 2018Hong Kong has not renewed the work visa for the Asia editor of the Financial Times, an established newspaper with operations and reporters in Hong Kong.

This news has caught the international business community’s attention as Hong Kong has long been an open environment for journalists and editors, with many international media outlets housing their Asia headquarters in Hong Kong thanks to its rule of law, connectivity, and freedom of speech.

These incidents cannot be brushed off as individual, isolated events every time they happen. Transparency is one of AmCham’s core values, and Hong Kong ought to make it clear to the international business community that free speech and free flow of information in this world city is still sound enough for business to consider Hong Kong as an important hub.

“The rejection of a renewal of work visa for FT correspondent Victor Mallet sends a worrying signal. Without a free press, capital markets cannot properly function, and business and trade cannot be reliably conducted,” said AmCham President Tara Joseph.  

Any effort to curtail press freedom in Hong Kong could damage Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a leading financial and trading center.

AmCham is a non-political and non-partisan organization with a large membership from the international business community. Our core mission is to foster trade between the United States and Hong Kong and to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international business center. We also stand for the core values of free trade, open markets, ethical and responsible business practices and importantly, transparency and the free flow of information.

A free press is a core component of Hong Kong’s success, and that includes the international and local media located here. 


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