AmCham Summit Leads Multi-Stakeholder Discussions on Smart City for Hong Kong


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Hong Kong – June 27, 2018 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong held its first Smart City Summit creating a multi-stakeholder dialogue between business and government leaders from Hong Kong and the U.S. with participation from local secondary students and the world’s first AI citizen. The Summit concluded that more public-private partnership and people-oriented approach towards smart city development is needed for Hong Kong to see real transformation.

“Smart cities have to be nimble, curious, and have an appetite for risk. They must not be bureaucratic, not tied to the status quo,” said Tom Murphy, Summit opening keynote and former mayor of Pittsburgh of the United States. “Technology is not an end in itself but a way to improve quality of life for people. Smart cities are cities that are about people and work for the people.” Murphy added.

“The Pittsburgh experience is a great reference for Hong Kong in illustrating approaches toward smart city development. We are also pleased that Chief Executive Carrie Lam told the business community at the Summit that Hong Kong will achieve a series of win-wins in public-private partnership and will accelerate regulation and remove hurdles to boost innovation,” said Tara Joseph, President of AmCham. 

The three panels of the Summit discussed infrastructure readiness, smart application and desirable outcomes for Hong Kong’s smart city development. Mrs. Carrie Lam also had a brief dialogue with the first AI Citizen of the world, Sophia, at the Summit adding humor and fun to the discussion.

The panel discussions revealed that Hong Kong’s journey is down to “100 percent will” and the most urgent task is to remove obstacles like silos in regulatory bodies so business can move faster; and to let creative initiatives that differ from traditional methods thrive.

Led by Prof. Christine Loh, Chief Development Strategist of the HKUST, the last panel also explored the vision and targets for Hong Kong’s smart city transformation with Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology and global business leaders, mirroring best practices overseas. 

The concluding panel remarked that Hong Kong needs to define where it wants to go in terms of vision and what is relevant in its context to achieve more ecosystem collaboration. Dr Chung responded that the government will work more closely with business to realize public-private partnership. 

Showcasing the vision and talent of Hong Kong youth was also a major highlight of the event, as the 3D model creations done by local secondary school students in their participation of AmCham’s ‘My Smart Hong Kong 2030’ school competition were exhibited at the Summit. The champion team, Sacred Heart Canossian College, has won a visit to New York City this summer to learn about smart city development in the United States.

Winning Teams of ‘My Smart Hong Kong 2030’ Model Creation Challenge
Champion – Sacred Heart Canossian College       
Runner Up 1 – West Island School   
Runner Up 2 – Good Hope School

For more information about the ‘My Smart Hong Kong 2030’ competition, please click here.



Photo Highlights

1. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam spoke with the nine school teams presenting their 3D model creations for ‘My Smart Hong Kong 2030’ school competition at the Summit.

2. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam spoke at AmCham’s first Smart City Summit and interacted with the world’s first AI citizen Sophia.

3. Under Secretary for Education Dr. Christine Choi and United States Deputy Consul General for Hong Kong & Macau, Thomas Hodges, presented awards to the winning school teams for ‘My Smart Hong Kong 2030’ Model Creation Challenge

4. Panel 1 Discussion – Is our Smart City Infrastructure up to the job? What Hong Kong needs to lead in smart infrastructure

5. Panel 2 Discussion – Connecting a Smart Economy to Smart People: How can we best apply technology to everyday life

6. Panel 3 Discussion – Navigating the journey from vision to reality – Targets & goals: Where does Hong Kong stand on the path to transformation?

7. Panel with Start-ups – Hong Kong as a Smart City & the Start-Up Ecosystem

For speaker and program information of the Summit, please click here.

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