AmCham’s First Social Media President Meets Harbor Times


It ain’t easy being an American abroad these days.

The shine never really came off Obama’s halo with the international crowd, while the realities of governance sprinkled his hair with grey and tarnished his domestic polling numbers.  But the reverse may be true of America’s new leader – the world may endure a permanent state of anxiety about him. Americans abroad are going to have to work triple overtime to put their best face forward and convince the world they’re open for business and welcome to minorities, women and champions of free trade.

Hence Tara Joseph.

Not like that President – a modern one

While other Chambers across Hong Kong have plumped for former civil servants of one description or another (think about it for a second), The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong has chosen a modern-media savvy, pro-international business, champion-of-free-speech woman to lead and represent their community. This is the kind of America the rest of the world likes and trusts.

Tara Joseph is no graduated bolshie journalist often found lurking in the bank benches of minority socialist parties in parliamentary democracies. She is a modern journalist of the television era – formerly of Thomson Reuters – and, without a doubt, its first social media President. She brings management chops and a deep understanding of the issues faced by The Chamber – issues that are likely to become more challenging in the Trump era.

“A lot of the stuff I worked on as a journalist was covering the issues that AmCham covers. I covered finance, economics and business news for Reuters for quite a long time and more on issues affecting Asia, the Chinese and Hong Kong economies and politics, as well as US-China relations for the past few years. All these topics have been the bread and butter of what I’ve been covering,” Joseph says.

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