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By Leon Lee

While hotels can provide a comfortable and glamorous stay, it can also feel a bit bland as the rooms tend to resemble one another. The layout or furniture might be different, but they often lack personality and just follow the same cookie-cutter formula. Hotel Pravo aims to break from this mold to give their guests a truly memorable experience.

Something for everyone

Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the hotel offers 92 specially-designed accommodations. Like any other hotel, guests can select from a range of room types to stay in such as standard rooms, superior rooms and suites. However at Hotel Pravo, guests can further decide on the theme of their rooms from themes such as Dark, Light, Feminine, Masculine and Luxury.

The hotel is owned by the Bonds Group and its chairman Anson Chan had a unique vision for it. “Rather than doing a typical three-, four- or five-star hotel with the typical hotel facilities and design, he really wanted to customize his hotel’s individual rooms to cater to the different preferences of different guests from different countries,” Hang Song Chew, City Manager, Hong Kong and Macau, explains.

As their names suggest, Dark-themed rooms come with black wallpapers and other shadowy furniture, giving the space a sleek, rock-and-roll feel. Light-themed rooms are the opposite with plenty of white and earth-toned furnishings for those who prefer softer colors. Feminine- themed rooms are specifically- designed with female travelers in mind but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only for women. Standard rooms (ranging from 143-183 sq ft) and Superior rooms (181-216 sq ft) come in Light, Dark, Masculine and Feminine themes. The Luxury-themed rooms are available in the Deluxe suites (210-270 sq ft), which also comes in Light, Dark and Masculine, as well as the Premier suites (264-294 sq ft) and Presidential Suite (469 sq ft).

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Chew points out that the different themes mean different wallpapers, bed sizes and even different toilets and sinks as they are customized to compliment the theme of the room. On one floor, you might find five different kinds of rooms. This poses a challenge from a housekeeping perspective, but the guests have certainly taken to the idea.

“We have a number of returning guests who try a different theme every time they come back, just to see which one fits them better. It’s quite an interesting take on the hotel stay experience,” Chew says.

Brand name service

Besides Citadines Ashley, Somerset Victoria Park, The Mercer, Hotel Pravo is the fourth property managed by The Ascott Limited in Hong Kong. But unlike those three, it’s the first boutique hotel managed by the company.

“Traditionally we have been strong in service apartment operation so this is a very interesting product not just for guests, but for The Ascott Limited as well,” Chew says. “We have many corporate travelers who come to Hong Kong to do their business every now and then. So other than our traditional service residences, we have another interesting product that we can offer to our guests.”

The clientele is one of the biggest difference between managing a hotel to a service residence. Long-staying guests make up about 80 percent of the residents in a service apartment with travelers comprising of the rest. But at a hotel, it’s usually 70 percent travelers and 30 percent long-staying corporate guests.

“For those who are here on business for more than a week or so, they’ll usually prefer to stay in a service residence with a small room and small kitchen where they can do their own cooking. But for those corporate travelers who are here for a shorter period of time, they don’t mind putting up in a hotel which is more personalized. So unlike going to a four-, five-star hotel where everything is more or less pretty much the same, if they come to Hotel Pravo, they can expect something different,” Chew says.

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With just a little over 90 guestrooms, the team is able to devote more time and attention to customize their service to the needs of the guests.

They can mingle and provide them with recommendations on places to visit, eat, shop, anything to make their stay in Hong Kong a great one.

The quality service doesn’t come at a cost. Chew explains that while a stay at Hotel Pravo cost less than at a fourand five-star hotel, guests can still expect to get the same level of service and amenities like a gym, branded toiletries, a complimentary mini-bar, WiFi access and even a complimentary smartphone to help guests get around the city.

This is quite an advantage in a prime location like Tsim Sha Tsui with its plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment options. There are a wide range of accommodations from the high-end hotels like Langham and Marco Polo, to other boutique hotels, to apartment-style options in places like Chungking Mansion. But while there might be cheaper options, it’s hard to know who their management is or the quality of their accommodations and service.

With its desirable location, proven management and distinct rooms, Hotel Pravo stands out from the pack as the boutique hotel for a unique stay for both corporate and leisure travelers alike.