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How to adopt new technologies without betting the bank on the wrong startup? Broadridge’s global head of strategy Michael Tae says the New York-based fintech behemoth has the solution

Mar Apr 2019
Which Asian city will come out on top? Top business leaders at the APCAC Summit share their consideration factors

May 2019
Andrew Svoboda

June 2019
Defending Hong Kong’s status as a global commercial and financial hub

Jul/Aug 2019
The sheer scale of the plan makes it one of the world’s most important strategic economic initiatives, says Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Chief Executive Peter Wong.

Jul Aug 2019

Sept Oct 2019

Nov Dec 2019
The trade-war may have accelerated a shift toward a more diverse range of suppliers, but southern Chinese manufacturers haven't lost their grip, writes Ross O’Brien

AmChamHK Jan/Feb 2019
Chris Parker of Carey International

Dec 2018
As Hong Kong enters the dizzying pace of holiday festivities, it’s worth stepping back to consider this year’s equally unsteadying U.S.-China trade developments.

Nov 2018
This is the time of year when Christmas music starts blaring across our Hong Kong glitzy shopping malls while executives rush from event to event, and fret over wrapping up end-of-year projects.

Sep Oct 2018
What opportunities await Hong Kong following the bridge link opening with Zhuhai? AmCham member Philip Leung shares his personal thoughts in light of a recent trip to the coastal city

Jul Aug 2018
From senior executives on relentless business travel schedules, to budding entrepreneurs living in teeny tiny apartments, Hong Kong work days are generally long, gruelling and stimulating all at the same time.

Jun 2018
Committee Spotlight: Young Professionals - A quick chat with YP committee chairs, Jamie Ford and Yanjun Chen

Apr May 2018
Hong Kong has long branded itself as “Asia’s World City,” staking its claim with a bold and colorful flying dragon logo.

Mar 2018
I’ve been with AmCham for just over a year, but a day never passes without a reminder that our mission has been sharp and strong for nearly half a century.

Jan Feb 2018
New Chairman Jack Lange shares AmCham’s key priorities for the year ahead

Dec 2017
I have had an energizing first year at AmCham, taking up a new role in a chamber that is outstandingly active in both advocacy and networking. It has also been a real pleasure getting to know our diverse membership and our cohesive community of over 600 companies.

Oct Nov 2017
It’s now official that Hong Kong is launching a major effort to develop the city’s fledgling digital economy. Chief Executive Carrie Lam admits Hong Kong has a big job ahead starting with the recruitment of top talent, building its fintech industry, and re-gearing this once uber- efficient city into a “Smart City” metropolis.

Aug Sept 2017
A nagging theme has emerged across all active business sectors in Hong Kong, just past the point of the 20th anniversary of the city’s handover to Chinese rule.

Jul 2017
Founder & Managing Director of Silk Road Associates and renowned China economist Ben Simpfendorfer describes how a cluster of eleven cities in southern China could become an economic powerhouse with a combined GDP comparable to that of Australia or Korea

May Jun 2017
AmCham hosts a cocktail gala in commemoration of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Apr 2017
Ever since Trump became president and dumped the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, U.S. companies operating overseas have been nervously watching and waiting for the potentially earth-shattering impact on businesses operating in Asia.

Mar 2017
As Tara Joseph takes over as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, we look at the important contribution made by the chamber’s women members

Jan Feb 2017
Re-elected for a second term in 2017, AmCham Chairman Walter Dias reflects on chamber activities of the past year amid surprising global development and highlights the continuation of AmCham 2020, a five-year strategic plan designed to better meet the needs of members, with a focus on formulating improved communications, local and international media content and awareness as a stronger, consistent voice on key issues affecting the business community of Hong Kong

Dec 2016
AmCham kicked off the holiday season with a recent luncheon in honor of the American Thanksgiving tradition right here in Hong Kong. It was a celebration of one of the biggest US holidays and an appreciation of all the support AmCham has received from various governmental departments in strengthening Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an international center of finance and commerce. In addition to a speech by US Deputy Consul General Thomas Hodges, AmCham Charitable Foundation also presented the Ira Dan Kaye Community Service Award to Dr. Thomas Chan of World Vision Hong Kong and the Outstanding Service Award to John Zinke who served as AmCham chairman in 2005.

Nov 2016
Akin Gump partners specializing in global trade, Stephen Kho and Tatman Savio, have spoken on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement in an article by The Asian Lawyer, “TPP’s Uncertain Prospects Weigh on Asia-based Lawyers,” which noted that if the United States were to not ratify the TPP, it would render the trade deal a failure.

Oct 2016
It is not a question that the global financial system has been subjected to strengthened banking supervision and standards since the financial crisis in 2008, in addition to “strenuous” efforts made to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. At the same time, banks have also become “overly cautious” taking their duty of due diligence and compliance to the extreme following a series of government sanctions and heavy fines.

Sept 2016
Hong Kong is well known globally as an international trading hub of goods, but it is also a port where the process of compliance with business-to-government (B2G) documentation requirements is somewhat tedious. That’s because traders and carriers are required by nine government agencies to submit 51 trade documents, such as cargo manifests, import and export declarations, and present relevant licenses and permits – all for the movement of goods “subject to specific controls or schemes.”

Jul Aug 2016
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is unlike any other free trade agreement of the past. It covers a host of developed and developing economies across the Pacific Rim: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam, while others, including Colombia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia, have shown great interest in becoming signatories of an unprecedented trade agreement that is set to level a large part of the global playing field of international trade.

Jun 2016
In a public consultation paper, “Proposals for Enhancing the Use of Port Back-up Land in Kwai Tsing,” published a year ago by the Transport & Housing Bureau, many of the pressing issues faced by the port and logistics industry, in particular the severe shortage of land and dedicated barge berths, were clearly identified. It was a positive first step in responding to the challenges operators of Hong Kong’s global shipping business have had to endure as a result of the growing problem of port congestion in recent years.

May 2016
The Competition Ordinance – Hong Kong’s anti-trust, or anti-monopoly, law which came into effect in December of last year – signifies an era of progressive policy targeting commercial behavior that “prevents, restricts or distorts competition” in a fashion similar to that of other developed economies around the world. As a matter of principle, it is long overdue, and competition is a critical component of driving a free and open economy forward.

Apr 2016
Hong Kong has become a society of affluence over the decades. With rising disposable household incomes, private cars have also been a big ticket item among the people of Hong Kong – an encouraging sign of a vibrant economy. There is one problem: road traffic congestion has gotten so bad that the traveling speed of motor vehicles across Hong Kong is slowing down significantly.

Mar 2016
Slower economic growth, more intense competition, growing overcapacity, a shift to services, new government priorities, and never-ending anti-corruption drives are just some of the challenges facing business leaders in China today. Gordon Orr, Director Emeritus and Senior Advisor of McKinsey and a renowned expert on contemporary economics of China responsible for establishing McKinsey’s China practice in the early 1990s, illustrates “an increasingly diverse, volatile, US$11-trillion economy whose performance is becoming more difficult to describe as one dimensional”

Jan Feb 2016
Walter Dias, Managing Director (Greater China & Korea) of United Airlines and 2016 AmCham Chairman,outlines in his inaugural address an action-oriented plan focused on creating value for Chamber members and being a thought-leader in an advocacy agenda with the US, Hong Kong and Mainland China, particularly cities in the Pearl River Delta region, as well as with other selected countries in the region in the form of meetings and business delegations

Dec 2015
Chief Executive CY Leung and Financial Secretary John Tsang will soon reveal their top priorities for 2016 in the Policy Address and Budget, respectively. Given a rapidly changing social, economic and political landscape, Hong Kong must stay visionary, relevant, and influential in order to remain a top international business hub. The continued success of the city will, in fact, depend on government initiatives in many strategic areas.

Nov 2015
The first week of this month, the HKSAR Government released its ‘Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015,’ the culmination of interdepartmental cooperation to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and to create more sustainable environment. Held at the ZCB aka Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay (which perhaps is largely unknown to the greater Hong Kong public), public agencies were yielded the floor to speak on their own part in regards to this timely topic.

Oct 2015
The combination of urbanization and population growth has given rise to a different level of smart city development in Asia-Pacific. It is a key area where intelligent solutions can increase productivity, reduce inefficiency, and revolutionize the way people live. Titus Yu, Managing Director (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Guam), UTC Climate, Controls & Security, explains how technology can make cities more sustainable, people more secure and travel more efficient

Sept 2015
Last month’s devaluation of the yuan by the People’s Bank of China has left a ripple effect across the globe, with markets convulsing in reaction to the currency’s weakening.

Jul Aug 2015
The Mainland Chinese stock market has never been in the spotlight before as it has been this year. Altogether, the story has been splashed across headlines and social media with every rendition of gloom and doom, as trillions of dollars have been lost in capitalization. Many have pointed out the amount lost is more than the combined value of some countries’ whole stock market values.

Jun 2015
The past year has been earmarked with landmark agreements between Mainland China and Hong Kong that have opened up previously unseen channels for cross-border trade and investment.

May 2015
A blaring headline in the South China Morning Post this month announced expatriate packages in Hong Kong were lower than those of their counterparts across the border in Mainland China. Compiled by human resources firm ECA International, which specializes in managing international assignees, the survey used data from more than 300 multinational organizations and more than 10,000 staff.

Apr 2015
The Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to promoting substantive improvements in corporate governance in Asia through independent research, advocacy and education. ACGA is funded by a membership base of more than 100 highly regarded organizations based in Asia and other parts of the world, including several of the world’s largest asset owners and managers. ACGA investor members manage more than US$15 trillion globally and hold significant stakes in Asian companies.

Mar 2015
The Ministry of Commerce of China issued a draft Foreign Investment Law earlier in a significant move to reduce barriers to foreign investment through streamlining the current regulatory framework and replacing three existing laws, namely the Sino Foreign Equity Joint Venture Law, the Wholly Foreign owned Enterprise Law and the Sino-Foreign Contractual Joint Venture Law.

Jan Feb 2015
Building on a year of achievement and success in calling for action on the longs – tanding issues that have a direct impact on Hong Kong’s status as a center of international business and commerce, Peter Levesque – Chief Commercial Officer of Modern Terminals and re-elected as AmCham chairman for a second term – tells of the Chamber’s role in fostering business and government relationships around the world and helping to tell Hong Kong’s unique story and position in the region.