Conversations with an AmCham Leader…

Genevieve Hilton, Head of External Communications, BASF

Caroline Johnson, General Manager, HK & Philippines, AbbVie

Simon Ogus, CEO, DSG Asia​​​​​​​

China Affairs…

Fujian Province Delegation

Jiangxi Province Delegation​​​​​​​

Representatives of Xiamen FTZ

Shenzhen Healthcare Tour​​​​​​​

Luncheons & Events…

Yumiko Ono (WSJ) and Kristie Lu Stout (CNN) on “fake news”​​​​​​​

John Timpany (KPMG) on aircraft leasing​​​​​​​

Geoffrey Parish (U.S. Consulate General) on InvestUSA​​​​​​​

Expert panelists on healthcare transparency in Hong Kong​​​​​​​

AmCham Media Cocktail​​​​​​​

InterCham Cocktail​​​​​​​