Daggers Drawn: What does the U.S.-China Trade Standoff Mean for You?


Photos: Hinrich Foundation

On May 7, AmCham hosts a timely event titled “Daggers Drawn: What does the U.S.-China Trade Standoff Mean for You?”.  The event, co-hosted by the China Development Institute, prompted a topical discussion on the prospects for a full-blown U.S.-China trade war and specifically, how it may impact business in the region.

60+ participants from across the Hong Kong business, government and academic communities gathered for the event held in Central, Hong Kong. Eventgoers searched for answers to important questions in times of heightened trade tension between the United States and China, including: How will this play out in the years to come? Who might emerge as the biggest winners and losers? Or do we all stand to suffer?

Panelists sought to answer “what’s next?” and discuss whether it is possible to avoid an all-out trade war between the world’s two largest economies. Panelists included:

  • Stephen Olson, Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation
  • Xiaoming Pan, Research Fellow, Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, Institute for World Economy Studies at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS)
  • Guoping Zhang, Research Fellow, China Development Institute
  • Arthur Kroeber, Founder and Head of Research, Gavekal Dragonomics
  • Barret Bingley, Director of Integrated Sales North Asia, The Economist Group (Moderator)

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