Dialogue with Allen Yeung on Hong Kong’s Smart City Blueprint


AmCham hosted a dialogue last Friday with Government Chief Information Officer, Ir. Allen Yeung, JP, on Hong Kong’s Smart City Blueprint unveiled in December last year. Attendees gathered at 8am inside PwC’s brand-new Experience Center in Wanchai as Mr. Yeung outlined the government’s directions for Hong Kong’s smart city development.

Key points from his speech included: putting people at the center of Hong Kong’s smart city drive; breaking down silos within the government, private sector and community to reach smart goals; and the importance of educating the next generation about technology.

There was a panel discussion afterwards where Mr. Yeung was joined by Scott Likens, Specialist on data analytics and emerging technologies at PwC. The panel was moderated by Leonie Valentine, Managing Director – Sales & Operations of Google Hong Kong.