Washington DC Doorknock Diary


Bon apetit

AmCham’s annual meet-a-thon with U.S. policymakers, legislators, movers & shakers got underway this week, with a special shoutout to United Airlines' Walter Dias, our former chairman and all-round chamber star supporter. And what better way to start the venture but with a bowl of juk, or congee, in the UA club lounge at Hong Kong airport.

National Press Club

Before the grueling round of official meetings, President Tara Joseph squeezed in lunch at the National Press Club, hosted by Bloomberg NA’s Keith Hill, a former board member of the club. As it transpired, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was also there.


Nice photo of AmCham’s team at the Vice President’s office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Once known at the Old Executive Office Building, it is now a National Historic Landmark. Completed in 1888, it was nearly demolished in the late 1950s – one of those near misses that make lovers of architectural heritage wince the world over (and perhaps more so in Hong Kong until our quite recent love affair with our built environment).

Meeting with Treasury Department officials. The statue in front of the imposing Treasury HQ is of Albert Gallatin, appointed Treasury Secretary by Thomas Jefferson in 1801 and later by James Madison. Gallatin served in the role until 1814, after which he enjoyed a glittering career as a diplomat. His political life got off to a stuttering start over a controversy that resonates more than 200 years later: he was denied his seat as Senator in 1793 after opponents successfully argued the Swiss-born Pennsylvania representative didn't meet citizenship rules. 

… keep on trekking …

After a hard day wearing down the shoe leather, a welcome dinner hosted by HKETO USA commissioner Clement Leung before he heads back to HK as Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development. (Read the release: here)

Chairman Jack Lange engaged in one of his most accomplished maneuvers, easily identified by those flowing locks, with President (of AmCham, that is) Tara Joseph deeply engaged in conversation.


Some tasty treats from Montana from the office of Republican Senator Steve Daines. In case you’re wondering, those are Kracklin’ Kamut – made from organically grown Khorasan wheat, an ancient variety of the grain that’s up to four times the size of modern types and credited with causing fewer allergic reactions. (See: Company story.)

Chairman Lange and the team outside the Montana office.

As we can’t divulge what went on inside, we can at least offer a glimpse of the interior design statements our interlocutors made… the Yep! state of Montana

Can’t see this in a Hong Kong apartment somehow..

Office of Ted Yoho, Republican Representative for Florida and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific

Chairman Lange with Senator Cory Gardner

In we go…

Now where?

… a well-earned cuppa Joe

Ten meetings, one briefing done in 11 hours from 8am to 7pm

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