Driving an inclusive culture? Here’s what you need to get right


By Anne O’Riordian, Hong Kong based senior managing director of Accenture’s Life Sciences industry group; Co-chair of AmCham's Women of Influence Committee

Accenture’s latest research, Getting to Equal 2018, looks to have proved that creating a workplace of equality unlocks human potential.

And we have uncovered the 40 factors that business leaders can implement to create a workplace where everyone can advance and thrive, influence advancement and drive change.

We surveyed more than 22,000 working men and women with a university education in 34 countries to measure their perception of factors that contribute to the culture in which they work.

We modelled the potential impact of those 40 on gender balance in the workplace and on women’s pay, and found that if all organisations were to emulate the environments where these factors are more extensively and commonly used, we could see significant results:

  • Globally, for every 100 male managers, there could be up to 84 female managers, as opposed to the current ratio of 100 to 34.
  • Women would also be four times as likely to reach senior manager and director levels.
  • As a result, their pay could increase by 51 per cent, or up to an additional US$30,000 per woman each year. That equates to a lift of women’s earnings by $2.9 trillion.
  • According to data collated from national and international statistical agencies, women currently earn US$73 for every US$100 a man earns.
  • Our modelling estimates that if the environments in which these factors are most prevalent were enjoyed by all working people, women could earn US$92 for every US$100 dollars a man earns, nearly closing the gap (this represents the 51 per cent increase in their salaries).

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