Fix Hong Kong's protest pain now or risk permanent scars: AmCham survey

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Members warn that immediate government action, concessions needed to find long-term cure for city's divisions, before damage becomes irreparable

AmCham surveyed 1,268 members from July 23 to gauge the ongoing impact on
sentiment – if any – from political protests in Hong Kong. By the time the poll was closed on the evening of July 29, 153 – or 12 percent – had responded.
Based on the responses and additional qualitative comments, the chamber found valuable insights, as well as a clear mandate to continue our advocacy based on the genuine interests of businesses and the values that we believe drive prosperity and help to differentiate Hong Kong as a global financial and commercial hub.
Members suggested the following ideas for restoring confidence in Hong Kong:
Removing any room for continued public doubt by formally and completely
withdrawing the Extradition Bill;
Setting up an internationally credible independent inquiry into all aspects
of recent unrest over the bill, a move that will demonstrate fairness and
justice under the rule of law;
Members feel the government should provide firm leadership to restore
international confidence in Hong Kong’s autonomy under “one country,
two systems."
Question one from the July member suvey