Hong Kong condemns U.S. plan to impose tariffs on aluminium and steel as ‘discriminatory act’


Hong Kong’s government and industry players lashed out on Tuesday at Washington’s plan to impose heavy tariffs on aluminium imports from mainland China and the city, which has been dragged into escalating Sino-U.S. trade tensions.

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau Tang-wah slammed a proposed 23.6 per cent tariff targeting the city, saying the government had voiced its opposition to the U.S. consul general.

“The Hong Kong government disapproves of this proposed action by the U.S. government. We consider this is a unilateral and discriminatory act which is based on unfounded allegations,” Yau said.

A source told the Post that Yau on Monday met with members of five industry groups as well as officials at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to register concerns over the tariff increase.

The American chamber said on Tuesday that the issue was of “mutual concern” and it would maintain communication with the city government. It also said it was “concerned” about the effects on U.S.-Hong Kong trade relations and hoped to see the government “step up its efforts to engage with officials in Washington” to promote its “unique role” in the region for American business.

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