Infiniti and beyond: Dane Fisher spoke on innovation, cultural change and the future of mobility


Dane Fisher, General Manager, Global Business Transformation & Brand at Infiniti Motor Company Ltd. and the power behind the Infiniti Lab accelerator program for mobility entrepreneurs, offered his insights into how to introduce and spread innovation culture at an established company. Three key takeaways:

  1. Without buy-in from the top, you’re wasting your time; even with buy-in from the top, it’s still hard.
  2. You need to find a champion, but it has to be someone who knows your business very, very well.
  3. Employees at all levels have to “experience the emotion” of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Having created the Infiniti Lab largely through sheer bloody mindedness and force of will, Fisher said the accelerator program required constant nurturing and nourishment to prevent it withering on the vine.  

“You have to create the continuous connection of individuals,” he told the audience at the second instalment of the HSBC and AmCham’s Tech Series October 11th at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong.