Member Spotlight


Name: Ruth Benny

Job title: Head Girl and Founder

Company: Top Schools

Industry: Education Management

AmCham member since: 2016

If you aren’t from Hong Kong originally, where is home? How long have you been living/working here?

Hong Kong is my home; 22 years now!  I'm originally from the U.K. and came to HK via the U.S. intending to continue onto Australia. Here I still am (happily).

What do you like most about life in Hong Kong?

It's always open; it's always alive! I love the fast pace of life. I've not run a business elsewhere, but Hong Kong must be one of the easiest places in the world to do so.

Describe yourself using three words.

Work in progress.

If I wasn’t a business leader, I would be…

Working with children in some capacity; probably as a teacher.

What was your first ever job?

Apart from working in my dad's barber shop and delivering newspapers, I actually dropped out of school to work for Virgin Records in A&R (Artists and Repertoire). I mostly remember buying and delivering guitar strings to the studio and, of course, the epic annual parties at Richard Branson's house. He had a policy that he would hear any member of staff deliver a 15-minute pitch for a business idea. I remember wishing I could come up with an idea, but I never did. 

Favourite piece of advice (work-related or otherwise)?

If you don't ask, you don't get (mother, circa 1975).

Outside the office, where can we find you / what can we find you doing?

Unfortunately, the office travels with me. Other than work, I'm a soccer/rugby/netball mum. When I can squeeze in an hour here and there, I like to watch drama shows. Currently watching 'The Replacement' on BBC - gripping stuff!

Name something on your bucket list.

Big Africa trip. Spent a few weeks in South Africa, but I have a need to explore more of the continent. Can't explain it; something primal. My exploration would be less Bear Grylls and more “Out of Africa.”

What attracted you to AmCham?

I'd been to several events and met some interesting people who assured me I could join even as a Brit. I see AmCham doing some great work and running interesting events. Through our partnership with Stamford American School, I was convinced to bite the bullet.

Which AmCham event are we likely to find you at next?

Something education related, I guess.