Member Spotlight

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Name: Andrew Svoboda

Job title: Chairman of the Board/CEO

Company: Global Phoenix/Agent for Service/Phenix Jet Hong Kong

Industry: Aerospace/Aviation

AmCham member since: November 2018


Where is home?

I am originally from a small town in Wyoming in the US. I moved to the Asia Pacific in 2004, originally to Beijing. I have been in the region ever since and in Hong Kong the last six years.


What do you miss most about home?

The mountains and wide open spaces.


Tell us something not many people know about you.

I enjoy cooking on occasion! I find it relaxing.


In another life, I would be

An astronaut.


First ever job?



How would you describe the work you do to an eight-year-old?

I fly planes and I sell planes.


What do you like to do in your time off?

Spend time with family that I do not get to see often.


Something on your bucket list for 2019?

Fly fishing in Mongolia.


What attracted you to AmCham?

I have been an AmCham member in many different communities for years.  It’s a great organization within the community for networking and support.