NBA’s CMO: A slam dunk in marketing


There’s something in the NBA that is much bigger than basketball.

The North America-based basketball league takes a global lead with 13 offices all over the globe, games played in over 215 countries in 49 different languages and 300 events organised worldwide. There are 125,000 retail locations in 100 countries around the globe that carry NBA merchandise.

Yet it is the fan base that you should really be looking at. A billion people tuned into the NBA last season, which means one out of seven people on the planet is a fan of the game. It is currently the most followed league across Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram and other social media combined with more than 1.3 billion followers, and the first league ever on SnapChat with a record of 30.1 billion impressions and 4.2 billion video views.

This season, with game 7 as the most viewed game in ABC history, generated record-breaking sales of nearly 50% more than the previous record set during the final game.

Pam El, NBA’s chief marketing officer, said they did an analysis to understand there are two common types of NBA fans: the hard core fans, as well as the casual and curious fans.

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