Press release: Violence not way forward for Hong Kong

Hong Kong – July 2, 2019: AmCham supports the right of Hong Kong people to peacefully express their concerns. However, we join Chief Executive Carrie Lam in condemning the violence displayed last evening by demonstrators in their occupation of LegCo. 
The chamber does not condone violent acts causing physical harm and destruction of property as legitimate means to achieve objectives for the greater good in a lawful society. We believe the violent protests of recent days do not reflect how the majority of people in this dynamic and advanced economy would choose to be heard. We sincerely hope that Hong Kong will find ways for communication and collaboration between the government and the public in order to bring out the best of what Hong Kong has to offer as a premier business and financial hub.
Media Enquiries: 
Ms Agnes Tsang
Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs
Ms Queenie Tsui
Manager, Government Relations & Public Affairs