Infrastructure mogul Sir Gordon Wu on China's GBA


AmCham was pleased to host Sir Gordon Wu of Hopewell Holdings, who spoke publicly this afternoon to a packed room of attendees and press about his predictions for China's GBA


Sir Gordon Wu of Hopewell Holdings shared his thoughts on China's Greater Bay Area at AmCham's sold-out "Past, Present and Future of the GBA" event this afternoon. Speaking from his decades of experience in infrastructure development, the 83-year-old civil engineer and business tycoon expressed support and optimism for the initiative, highlighting, if anything, the Greater Bay Area's tremendous progress as a regional manufacturing hub. 

"Manufacturing flows like water, it flows to the areas where quality is assured, quantity is assured, and most importantly where costs are low," said Wu, who also identified "soft" infrastructure aspects like healthcare and education as huge areas of growth and opportunity in the region.

Acknowledging recent political tensions in the city, Wu advised respectful cooperation with the PRC moving forward so that Hong Kong and its people may continue to flourish.

"The GBA train will march on, with or without Hong Kong. It is up to us to say whether we want to be on that train," he said.

Listen to our podcast with Sir Gordon Wu here: