U.S. tech companies visit Hong Kong to hear about Smart City initiatives

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April 26 –

AmCham hosted a luncheon for the U.S. Smart Technologies Business Development Mission to Asia during their two-day stop in Hong Kong. AmCham’s Innovation and Technology Committee Co-Chair Julie Brandt from United Technologies, corporate sponsor of the luncheon, shared with the delegates opportunities for U.S. businesses in Hong Kong’s smart city development. Undersecretary for Innovation & Technology Dr. David Chung also gave a teaser on the HKSAR’s Government’s upcoming Smart City blueprint likely to be released in the summer.


April 27 –

AmCham hosted a media networking luncheon sponsored by JLL featuring the success of U.S. Smart Technologies Business Development Mission to Asia in Hong Kong and their insight on Hong Kong’s potential to forge ahead smart city initiatives with the latest U.S. innovation and smart technologies. About 10 regional and local media representatives attended and engaged in interesting dialogue with the U.S. delegates.

US Innotech companies shed light on Hong Kong Smart City initiative

As the Hong Kong government preaches the development of a ‘Smart City’, innotech companies across the Pacific are ready to put substance into the talks by offering their services and experiences.

Hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, a US Commercial Service smart technologies business development mission visited the city recently as part of its tour to the Greater China South region. During their stay, the visiting business representatives were briefed by government officials on Hong Kong’s smart city plans and met with local entrepreneurs in search of partnership opportunities and potential customers.

In February this year, AmCham presented a detailed submission to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer on developing Hong Kong into a smart city with key features and overseas case studies.

“As far as the American Chamber of Commerce goes, for us, the Smart City initiative is hugely important for Hong Kong […] not only because as Hong Kong residents we live here, but as one of the most efficient cities in the world, we’d also like to see Hong Kong becomes a smart city so it can remain competitive,” Tara Joseph, president of AmCham, stated at a media luncheon, adding that she was looking forward to receiving the Hong Kong government’s Smart City blueprint expected to come out in July under Carrie Lam’s administration.

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