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Hong Kong is poised to expand as a global hub of private wealth management, thanks to robust GDP growth, increased levels of personal savings and an upsurge...
November 08, 2017

Tara Joseph says while Hong Kong has an important role to play in China’s regional objectives like the Greater Bay Area and belt and road, it has unique...
October 23, 2017

The Qianhai Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen has been touted as the “Next Hong Kong.” Dr. Witman Hung, Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong Shenzhen...
September 27, 2017

Issue would be country’s biggest-ever U.S.-dollar bond sale and its first since 2004
September 13, 2017

Bank and infrastructure strategy overlap but are not the same entity, lender’s vice-president says
September 11, 2017

Wang Shuang, the group’s chief investment officer and CEO of its international unit, told the AmCham China Conference
September 08, 2017

As the Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative continues to gain momentum, Cushman & Wakefield Greater China Research is releasing a new white paper report
September 07, 2017

Yunfeng Financial Group Ltd, the company backed by Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma, agreed to buy an Asian unit from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co...
August 18, 2017

Founder & Managing Director of Silk Road Associates and renowned China economist Ben Simpfendorfer describes how a cluster of eleven cities in southern...
August 15, 2017

China is found to be one of the most complex jurisdictions in the world of accounting and tax compliance while Hong Kong remains one of the easiest places...
July 31, 2017