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AmCham’s team wrapped up three days of back-to-back meetings with senior policymakers, legislators and government officials, making the case for Hong Kong...
May 18, 2018

AmCham’s annual meet-a-thon with U.S. policymakers, legislators, movers & shakers got underway this week, with a packed schedule of engagements
May 18, 2018

Snapshots from Days 1-3
May 17, 2018

A team of business executives and AmCham staff travel to Washington, D.C. for the annual “Doorknock” advocacy trip to meet with U.S. officials on Capitol...
August 01, 2017

A summary of discussions with U.S. government officials, congressional leaders and think tanks on various issues including international trade and policy...
July 31, 2017

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March 16, 2017

A 16-member team of business executives representing AmCham Hong Kong travels to Washington DC for a series of discussions with US government officials...
August 30, 2016

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham HK) held its 16-member strong Washington, D.C. Doorknock from June 13-16, 2016.
June 24, 2016

A visiting delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong met with relevant ministries and stakeholders yesterday to discuss the progress...
January 26, 2016

In August, AmCham’s Apparel & Footwear (A&F) committee scheduled a packed day of fact-finding meetings and briefings in Phnom Penh to see if the investment...
September 22, 2015