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Too many of us are asleep at the wheel… and it’s bad for business
August 01, 2018

Sinopharm to work with Walgreens and explore opportunities in other markets
December 07, 2017

Yunfeng Financial Group Ltd, the company backed by Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma, agreed to buy an Asian unit from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co...
August 18, 2017

On May 15, 2017, AmCham Leader Caroline Johnson, Chair of the Pharmaceutical Committee, and General Manager, Hong Kong and Philippines, AbbVie Limited...
June 05, 2017

A 1-day Tour of Chinese Healthtech Companies in Shenzhen was successfully held on Mar 29
March 30, 2017

AmCham just signed up to become one of the organization supporters of organ donation
March 29, 2017

Ever since Deng Xiaoping opened China’s doors to the world in 1978, the nation’s economy has grown from strength to strength. Foreign businesses raced...
October 27, 2016

March 11, 2016

Heart diseases are the third leading cause of death in Hong Kong and account for approximately 13 percent of overall fatalities. In the city, 11 people...
March 10, 2016