The long, long tail of Mark Mobius...

Mobius China Fund 1971 (1).jpg

“There is no single individual who is more synonymous with emerging markets investing than Mark Mobius,” Franklin Templeton Investments chairman and CEO Greg Johnson said in January, announcing the retirement of the legendary fund manager at the age of 81. “Mark has been an investor through historically transformational times in emerging markets.”

As this nugget from AmCham’s 1971 archives reveals, Mobius was a pioneer many years before the late Sir John Templeton hired him in 1987. As Chairman of AmCham’s Trade Expansion Committee, Mobius helped shape the debate over U.S. engagement with China - here setting up a fund to tap opportunities from warmer ties with Washington, even as the Chinese leadership was embroiled in political feuds and the Cultural Revolution.

Just days after leaving Franklin Templeton, Mobius was in Mumbai to unveil plans for a new fund management venture. The focus remains emerging and frontier markets, but this time he’s tapping into the global trend toward responsible investment, filtering selection based on ESG - or environmental, social and governance scores.