2017 Washington DC Doorknock - Four Key Focuses

1. U.S. Trade Policies and Priorities in the Post-TPP Era

Following the U.S.’ withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a lot of interest remains in understanding the U.S.’ post-TPP trade focuses and priorities. Trade and investment in Asia is of strategic importance to American businesses and influence – from government-to-government engagement to exporting U.S. expertise and standards through commercial practices.

AmCham is supporting American businesses to proactively respond to the Belt and Road and the HK-Guangdong-Macau Greater Bay Area initiatives to capture opportunities in the region, as well as to import Asia & H.K-based infrastructure expertise and investment into U.S. infrastructure projects.

Read more > AmCham’s recent view on US-China trade (May 17, 2017)

2. U.S. Taxation and Competitiveness Overseas

Companies and U.S. expatriates play an instrumental role in U.S. market penetration and influence overseas in Asia. AmCham supports a territorial taxation system to enhance US competitiveness overseas as opposed to the current double-taxation system that has created higher costs for companies to recruit American talents and expertise.

Read more > AmCham’s Submission to US Congressmen and the Administration to re-examine the impact of the American system of worldwide taxation has on U.S.’ international competitiveness (May 11, 2017)

3. Hong Kong’s Strategic Role to U.S.-China Economic and Trade Relations under “One Country, Two Systems”

As an international financial center with the rule of law, freedoms, intellectual property protection and trust guaranteed under “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong has much to offer to U.S. businesses. As the world’s freest economy and the most competitive city (2017), Hong Kong is a gateway of China-outbound investment and an important hub to regional and international businesses. Amid Hong Kong’s transition towards an innovative economy, tremendous opportunities are posed to US technology and innovation industries which are leaders of the world.

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4. Visa Waiver Program to include the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

For decades, United States and Hong Kong has enjoyed a long history of deep bilateral business, trade and cultural ties. By way of example, Hong Kong is U.S.’ 9th largest goods export market and its trade surplus with Hong Kong remains among the largest. Hong Kong is also ranked 21st in the number of undergraduates studying in the United States. Following the case of South Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong’s inclusion into the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will facilitate stronger and closer economic and social ties with the U.S. VWP for Hong Kong will contribute to a boom of high-value visitors and business travelers with commensurate benefits to the U.S. economy.

Read more > US Consulate’s view on Visa Waiver Program for HKSAR (June 7, 2017)

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