2020 Women of Influence Awards - Online Nomination


Awards Ceremony, Friday, November 13, 2020
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Grand Ballroom, Lobby Level, 8:00am - 2:30pm


Now in their seventeenth year, the awards are an exciting and important recognition of outstanding women and their supporters in Hong Kong.  View the full list of past award winners here.

To be eligible, individuals or companies must be nominated via the system by filling out the attached forms. Each nomination must be submitted by the regular deadline of Monday, September 14, 2020 or by Tuesday September 1, 2020 for submissions requiring AmCham’s assistance (see below).

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In total there are nine awards, seven for individual female candidates, one for best company and one award open to male candidates for “Champion for the Advancement of Women”. All fields in the nomination form must be completed, and within the given word count. The candidate, whether an individual or a company, needs to have a strong and demonstrable link with Hong Kong. Candidates are not required to be a US citizen or to work for a US corporation. For a company submission, candidates are not required to be US corporations. 


  • All submissions will be treated as strictly and entirely confidential. The regular submission deadline is Monday, September 14
  • If you would like AmCham’s assistance in completing the nomination form, please submit the required basic information indicated on the form to AmCham by Tuesday, September 1.  You will be contacted by an AmCham representative who will assist you in completing the nomination form. Any submission received after Tuesday, September 1 will not be eligible for AmCham assistance.
  • Each candidate can be nominated for up to a maximum of [2] categories.
  • The Women of Influence awards are for income- or profit-earning individuals. If you would like to nominate a volunteer working on an unpaid basis, please consider the Ira Dan Kaye Community Service Award, which can be accessed HERE.

There is enormous talent in Hong Kong deserving of recognition, and we greatly appreciate those who take the time and effort to nominate outstanding award candidates. 

Companies associated with the AmCham Women of Influence Conference & Awards-- including conference sponsors (direct financial contributors with tiered recognition status); companies associated with judges, event planning committee members and their immediate families -- are not eligible for Award number 8 - Best Company Award. Members of these companies are welcome to nominate people in all of the individual award categories (1 through 7 & 9 below).

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Ryan Hui at [email protected], or Mimi Shih at [email protected] 

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A. Women of Influence Awards 2020 – Awards and Judging Criteria (click here)

  1. Nomination Form (Individual – Professional of the Year)
  2. Nomination Form (Individual – Young Achiever of the Year)
  3. Nomination Form (Individual – Entrepreneur of the Year)
  4. Nomination Form (Individual – Non-profit Leader of the Year)
  5. Nomination Form (Individual – Master of The Arts)
  6. Nomination Form (Individual – Leading Woman on Boards)
  7. Nomination Form (Individual – Champion for the Advancement of Women) - Male
  8. Nomination Form (Group - Best Company for Women)
  9. Nomination Form (Individual – Leading Woman in STEM)

B. Women of Influence Awards 2020 - Judging Process

  • September 1, 2020
    • Early submission deadline
  • September 14, 2020
    • Regular submission deadline
  • Mid October, 2020 (14th – 17th)
    • The judging panel will make its final choices from a shortlist of nominees in each category
  • Late October, 2020 (29th-30th)
    • Winners will be notified by the co-chief judges and invited to attend the awards presentation ceremony during lunch at the WOI Conference, which will be held on Friday, November 13, 2020 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

C. Women of Influence Awards 2020 – Distinguished Judges – (work in progress / to be announced)

D. FAQ on the Women of Influence Awards

E. Women of Influence Awards - Past Winners